J. A. Winstead


     In 2014, Mr. Winstead published his first book, The Wrong Colored Shirt and less than a year later he published the sequel, A New Beginning. He had always been interested in writing and used to write short stories about his adventures while growing up in the Momeyer and Spring Hope communities of North Carolina. Later on, he published those childhood adventures in Dirt Roads and Bare Toes, and this continues to be his BEST SELLER! Next on his published list came, Murder In Southport and Elista, Lay the Ghosts to Rest.

     A New Beginning, Murder In Southport, Dirt Roads and Bare Toes and Elista are all available as Ebooks and paperbacks.

     The editing process has started on his final book and re-editing has started on his first book so it can be printed in paperback.

     Writing always took a back seat to his real passion, which was law enforcement, where he served for over 34 years until retiring. Mr. Winstead started his career in Nashville, North Carolina in the 1960s, and his first job was that of a patrol officer. Still early in his career, Mr. Winstead moved on to Sharpsburg, NC, as Chief of Police. After working several years in Nashville, Sharpsburg and Spring Hope, he went to the police department of Enfield as Sargent, where he later retired. Even after officially retiring, he still worked part-time in Spring Hope.

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